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Birmingham Jewellery Quarter

In house services:

Handmade bespoke specialist

Jewellery design and redesign

Jewellery repairs and ring resizing

Replace diamonds or any other stones

Replace and re-polish opals

Laser welding

This is who we are

Family Small Business
We are not cheap but we are affordable!
Our product is not made abroad!

Andreea Manager

I make everything sold in my shop, by hand,
with precision tools!

Coly Jeweller

100% Guarantee and Satisfaction

There is not substitute for quality

Why Buy Jewellery From ‘AndreeaDesign’ ?

Our jewellery is handmade right here on site by Coly.

Our secret alloy formulas let us create unique gold colours.

We firmly believe that the finest jewellery can still only made by hand.

Our product is only the first quality, absolute one off design.

Everything we produce is fully guaranteed.

Diamond Setting School
Our diamond setting school in Birmingham Jewellery Quarter
Youtube Channel
Our youtube channel