Turning our backs on industrial jewellery

We are not cheap but we are affordable! Our product is not made abroad!

I make everything sold in my shop, by hand, with precision tools!

What we offer

All of our jewellery is handmade right here on site which is a service that is not available anywhere else.
We offer only one off design.
What gold colour do you like?
If you like white, I highly recommend my white gold, just like platinum or palladium it does not need Rhodium plating ever and the colour is a permanent bright white, never tarnishing.
If you think that with yellow and red the options are over, you're wrong.
The colour palette is more extensive and, in the store, you can see the differences and choose the shade that best matches and highlights your skin colour.
The pieces are completely made by hand from beginning to end inside my premises in Birmingham.
Jewellery made in Britain.
In the ‘’gallery’’ there are examples of bespoke pieces, redesign and some original pieces from my own collection (some of them sold and some of them in stock).
The jewellery which I have in stock are one-off pieces, so, as soon as I sell them, I can't make an equal one.
Due to the limited number (just one), if the resize is a must, it will be made on-site within 5 minutes.